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Charity Share: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Have you ever wanted to fly with Superman, ride in the Batmobile, or partake in some villainy with Lex Luthor? Well, it’s a good thing you’re here. We’re offering you the chance to hit up the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the film’s leading men, all to support some great causes chosen by the actors themselves. Check back to learn more about the SEED Project and Eastern Congo Initiative. In the meantime…

Today’s spotlight is on the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a charity nominated by the Man of Steel, Mr. Henry Cavill. This place is really special to Henry, who’s been going there since he was a little kid. He even adopted a bat, which he appropriately named Ben! (True story.)



Founded in 1959 in Jersey, Channel Islands, Durrell combats extinction by working with some of Earth’s most exotic creatures (like pygmy hogs!). They go above and beyond, studying the animals to determine what they need to survive in the wild again, and even growing all their own organic food. While much of their work happens at the wildlife park, most of what they do takes place in the animals’ natural habitats, assessing the threats they face and what it’ll take to manage those threats.

Indigo - Western Lowland Gorilla @ Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell has expanded its work outside Jersey, funding 50 conservation programs in 18 countries worldwide. So many incredible species have benefited from what they do, and as enthusiastic animal lovers, we really appreciate them. Join us in supporting Durrell so they can continue to grow and save these animals.


Enter for a chance to go to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere and—like Ben the Bat—hang with the cast! Your entry makes you a superhero to us.

You can live the dream too!

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