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Causes We Love

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Our team at Omaze is really passionate about giving back. We have so much love for the nonprofits we work with, and this Valentine’s Day, a few of us are sharing the causes closest to our hearts.

Anna, Director of Talent and Culture: One of my favorite organizations is LIFT, a non-profit that aims to break the cycle of poverty for families in LA, NY, Chicago and DC by providing support to the parents of young children. They pair passionate, highly trained volunteer advocates with community members in need, and their results are life-changing. I love that their work is based on the principle that everyone needs a support network and deserves to be treated with dignity.

Catherine, Office and Culture Associate: During college, I volunteered at Bread and Roses, a café for the homeless in Venice Beach. Every Tuesday morning, I waited on, cooked for, and cleaned up after up to 150 homeless men, women and children alongside head chef and former “Chopped” winner, Derek Walker. Through my service I learned that “hearts starve as well as bodies” and that each client we tended to had a story that deserved to be heard. We are all human and deserving of love, but every individual is also worthy of a delicious and nutritious meal in a welcoming environment.

Tori, Partnerships Coordinator: NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles) is an initiative to end the killing of dogs and cats in LA city shelters. I grew up living with a variety of adopted animals, so I fostered a passion for animal welfare at a young age and continue to pursue that passion by volunteering at the NKLA adoption center in Los Angeles. It’s important to me because these animals cannot communicate for themselves, and NKLA does everything in its power to make sure every unwanted dog finds a loving home.

Erika, Brand Manager: I love Young Storytellers. As a volunteer, I get to mentor a 5th grader as he or she writes a 5-page script, which ultimately gets performed on stage by professional actors (so much fun). Young Storytellers’ mission is to help young people discover the power of their voice, and I especially love being a part of what they do because the importance of their work resonates with me on a personal level. Growing up, writing and theater gave me infinitely more confidence, and exercising my imagination helped me learn to dream bigger for myself. It’s such a privilege to help these kids learn those same lessons.

Daniel, Design Director: A cause I’m passionate about is the Nick of Time Foundation, which is dedicated to educating schools, athletes, families, and communities about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and death in young people. They promote screenings and awareness about SCA throughout the greater Seattle area. Heart conditions run in my family, and my sister is a fortunate survivor of an SCA episode. For a lot of people with heart conditions, the only symptoms are cardiac arrest, so most people don’t know until it is too late. Nick of Time’s mission is to stop that.

Thanks to our teammates for sharing! Please comment below and let us know which causes are important to you.


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