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Cats of Omaze

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Here at Omaze, we’re big dog people. Chief is our resident lap-warmer and spiritual guide, and we have lots of other pups running (aka, napping) around the office each day: Phoebe, Shaka and Maddie, just to name a few.

But our love for animals doesn’t stop at canine companions… some Omazers prefer feline friends. So in honor of our campaign offering the chance to attend the Nine Lives premiere with Robbie Amell and have a photoshoot with famous cats, we’re shouting out all the ameowzing cats of Omaze.

Erika’s cat Skinny loves new clothes (and bathtubs), while Dinah (also known as Grandma Chubs) is waiting patiently for a toy mouse.


Kelly’s cat Presley likes to be the mane attraction.


Dave’s cats Isabelle and Maxwell are the most cuddly siblings you’ll meet.


One of these is Paige’s cat, Bunny. One is her stuffed animal twin. Guess which is which.


Riesling and Pinot, Kendall’s cats, sometimes try to morph into one.


Ali’s cat Logan is very attached to (sleeping on) her, while Goldie is attached to her scratching post.


Because there is no such thing as too many cat pictures, we want to hear about your pawsitively adorable cats, too—share your favorite cat fun facts in the comments below!

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