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Be Stephen Colbert’s VIP Guest for his “The Late Show” Premiere!

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We’re excited to announce that Stephen Colbert wants YOU to be his VIP guest at his very first taping of “The Late Show”! Why, may you ask?

It’s kind of a funny story that started when one of the show’s very first guests, Jeb Bush, decided to raffle off the tickets given to him by Stephen. Always one to find joy in competition, Stephen is launching his own “raffle-adjacent experience”, right now with you!

Donate just $3 (or more) for your chance to be a part of television history. Oh yeah, you’ve also got the green light to give Stephen one “non-obscene” question to ask Governor Bush on the show!

But now for the best part, proceeds will benefit our injured servicemen and women through the incredible work of the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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