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A Day in the Life of A Daily Show Guest

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Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show has ended. We’ve dried our tears and are now throwing it back to earlier this year when Jon interviewed Omaze winner Paul Dorasil from Irving, Texas.

Paul happily donated $10 to benefit The Mission Continues, an organization that encourages and aids volunteerism by disabled and wounded veterans. Here, he shares all the awesome details. (Spoiler alert: prepare for puppies and snacks.)

What was it like prepping to be a guest on The Daily Show?
I didn’t really know what to expect so when Jon invited me to debate the minimum wage, I was caught completely off guard. Eventually I convinced him to let me out of it because nobody wants to oppose a minimum wage increase in front of a liberal New York audience. He got his punch line in and it was all good fun.

Do you think you were more nervous or excited?
I was simultaneously nervous and excited the whole time. When I re-watch the interview, which I often do, it looks much better than it seemed in the moment because I felt like I was bombing. I appreciate Jon carrying me through what was obviously uncharted territory for me.

What is it like backstage and on set?
I was greeted by a bald, muscular bouncer with a thick New Jersey accent. To the left of the main hallway is a snack kitchen for VIP audience members to wait before the show. Past that is another snack room but this one has every candy, coffee, and tea you can think of. There are also dogs, lots of dogs, that just get to walk around backstage and do whatever they want.

Upstairs is a library with study cubes for staff members to research for the show. The cubes are filled with all of the “leftist propaganda” that I’m sure Bill O’Reilly suspects, complete with copies of Bill Clinton’s autobiography and Che Guevara t-shirts, posters, and mouse pads.

What was your favorite part?
The first time I met Jon. He said hi to me in the candy room as he walked to meet Bob Odenkirk in the green room. It was great because it was just us, no camera crews or entourages to get in the way. He asked if there was anything specific to cover for the interview but I told him I was game for anything.

You’re one of an elite group of people who has been interviewed on the show! Anything you want to share with all of us who never made it?
Ha! I win! You lose! Your jealousy tastes delicious!

Ok, more seriously I feel extremely lucky to have experienced this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Being on The Daily Show has always been a lifelong dream for me. It still feels unreal. I didn’t do anything special to get on the show, I just donated ten bucks to a good cause like thousands of other people. So, I guess all I can say is thank you to everyone else who donated because we raised $450,000 for The Mission Continues, which is an amazing cause.

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