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2019 Standing O Winners

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As we review the nominations for our 2nd annual Standing O Awards, we wanted to revisit our inaugural winners! Enjoy this scroll down memory lane.

Awesome Individual: Matthew George

Last fall, Matthew recognized his neighborhood of Germantown in Philadelphia had a major trash problem. To clean up the trash and improve his community, he started a local fundraiser—in just five days he raised over $1,000 and was able to place over 10 cans around the neighborhood. His initiative, I Love Thy Hood, includes cleaning the sidewalks, supplying business with bags, taking out the trash and more. 

We met up with Matthew after he won—check it out: 

Awesome Nonprofit: Girls Love Mail

Girls Love Mail (GLM) inspires people around the country to write handwritten letters of encouragement to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. They’ve partnered with 165 cancer centers where—tucked inside the binder of info received after a diagnosis—a letter is with a message of hope, strength and love. GLM sent out over 25,000 letters in 2019 alone!

We caught up with GLM’s founder Gina Mulligan to chat about the importance of their work—check it out: 

Last year, each winner scored $5,000 to increase their impact. This year we’re going bigger! 

  • Awesome Individual will receive $10,000 to amplify their impact
  • Awesome Nonprofit will work with Omaze to get funds from an upcoming experience

Nominations are now closed. Finalists will be announced on October 19 and you can vote through October 25.

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