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These Aren’t Regular Moms, They’re Omaze Moms

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Moms are superheroes. They give the best hugs. They drive you to soccer/football/ballet class. They still remind you to set your clock back an hour even though your phone does it automatically. They push you to be a little bit better, kinder, warmer.

There’s really no one more deserving, right?

That’s why this Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing moms who got to share an Omaze experience with their kids. And to all the mommas out there, THANK YOU!

Caitlin V. from Byron, IL picked her mom, chose her mom and loved her mom so much she brought her to visit a wildlife sanctuary with Ellen Pompeo!

Who you gonna call? (Besides your mom.) Ghostbusters! Dawn C. from Reno, NV and her mother joined Dan Akyroyd for the ultimate Ghostbusters experience.

Here’s Juan C. from Orlando, FL and his mom rocking a WWE championship belt with The Miz!

Mom Larrissa K. from Anaheim, CA and her son were treated like kings at The Lion King on Broadway!

Maybe I’m amazed! Natalia S. from Helsinki, Finland and her 11-year-old daughter sang with Sir Paul McCartney on stage.

Laura W. from Humble, TX is part of a big military family and she brought her son with her to meet Eric Church at the Stand Up for Heroes benefit show.

Want to treat your mom? Or are you a mom who deserves something awesome? Check out these dream prizes.

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