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You Hit $1,000,000 for PATH!

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Your generosity led to over $1,000,000 in grants from CAF America to build PATH’s Omaze Community Hub! We’re so excited you helped pave the way for this life-changing project—donors’ names will even be featured in the hub once the renovation is done. And because of you, thousands of our unhoused neighbors can receive vital support and resources from PATH. 

While a lot of us are able to stay safe at home during the pandemic, those experiencing homelessness don’t have anywhere to turn, and PATH remains on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis to help our most vulnerable. 

The Omaze Community Hub will provide… 

  • A welcoming space and community for staff, volunteers and people in need
  • A center for employment preparation to help people get back into the workforce
  • Placement assistance for those in need of permanent housing

To learn more about what PATH does, check out this video:

Increase your impact and score the chance to win big! 

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