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100 Reasons Why We Love You

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Wow. Together, we’ve raised over $100 million to support charities around the world. What a milestone! And it’s one that couldn’t have been done without YOU. In a haze of warm and fuzzy gratitude, we got the Omaze team together (seriously… the whole team) and came up with 100 reasons why we love you. Read on!

2. You bring gifts to our partners during experiences (like maple syrup).

3. You look really good in our shirts.

4. You genuinely care about helping others.

5. You’ve watched our videos over 500 million times! (What?! That’s crazy.)

6. You introduce us to new nonprofits.

7. You love our office dogs as much as we do.

8. You entered to win a date with George Clooney.

9. You shared us on pics of your tacky holiday sweaters.

11. You use the #omazed hashtag.

12. You’re dreamers like us.

13. More than 600 of you knew which teacup Benedict was in (hint: It was #1).

14. You believe small acts can make a big difference.

15. You make the best faces when you win.

16. Your comments make us laugh.

17. You stood for Standing Rock and you chose to Choose Kind.

18. You donate again and again and again.

19. You provide honest feedback that helps us learn and improve.

21. You’re on our blog right now!

22. You love a good pun (but you’re not just here for the pun of it).

23. You believe in a better world.

24. You don’t accept the status quo.

25. You bring your moms on winner experiences.

26. You make us excited to get up and go to “work” every day.

27. You’re omazing (we HAD to!).

28. You send us awesome dream experience ideas.

29. You were cordially invited to the wedding of John Legend’s dogs.

31. You’ve raised over $145K (and counting) for GLSEN to continue working toward making schools across America a positive and accepting environment for LGBTQ+ students.

32. You answer our phone calls when we’re collecting product research.

33. You tell everyone about us by sharing our posts and tagging your family and friends and neighbors.

34. You contact customer support just to say thanks.

35. You believe everyone has the power to make a difference.

36. You’re interested in free flights and hotels… and we respect that.

37. You wanted to be Idris Elba’s valentine as much as we did.

38. You joined forces with Save the Children and Jennifer Garner to provide immediate relief when devastating floods hit West Virginia.

39. You’re compassionate, accepting and open-minded.

41. You take chances!

42. You get excited for the winners, even when it’s not you.

43. The Force is strong with you, AND you’re a Force for Change.

44. By donating to win a Tesla, you raised enough to provide over 30K schools with supplies for a student garden through Big Green.

45. You volunteer in your spare time.

46. You stay optimistic about the world and the impact that worthy causes can have.

47. You rock your Omaze shirts no matter the occasion—from classrooms to marches all around the world.

48. You embrace our absurd promo codes, like UNICORNKISS.

49. You’re bold.

51. You play Omaze Trivia on our Instagram Stories.

52. You do random acts of kindness and share them with us.

53. You’ve spun the prize wheel! (If you haven’t, you should.)

54. You saved the lives of over 20,500 children by helping UNICEF provide more than 3 million food packets.

55. You know how to live because you know how to give.

56. You help provide clean drinking water to people who live without it.

57. You don’t take yourself too seriously.

58. You stand up for what you believe in.

59. You helped PATH provide permanent housing to over 30 families in need.

61. You put the fun in fundraising!

62. You’re as pizza obsessed as we are, and have shared a slice with Ed Sheeran AND Robert Downey Jr.

63. You’ve helped provide access to education for girls around the world by supporting Malala Fund.

64. You believe that laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

65. You make giving cool.

66. You’ve enabled over 1,200 people to have once-in-a-lifetime, transformative experiences.

67. You understand the importance of protecting the environment.

68. In just weeks, you raised enough to cover the operating budget for an entire year at Time is Precious in the UK.

69. You’re willing to boldly go where no Omazer has gone before.

71. You believe in magic.

72. You helped Julia’s House in the UK break ground on a new hospice center.

73. You sent us brilliant ideas for things Arnold could crush in his tank.

74. You’ve funded over 17,000 service hours by veterans in The Mission Continues community.

75. You’re nasty, and you got the shirt to prove it.

76. You believe that good things come to those who give.

77. You’re the future of fundraising.

78. You love Jeff Goldblum as much as we do.

79. When we celebrated National Donut Day, you were into it.

81. And you joined Deadpool in saying FCancer, raising enough to provide 24K patients with early detection screening services.

82. Your generosity is infectious.

83. You wished us a happy 5-year anniversary, and it meant the world!

84. You buy our shirts for your kids.

85. You renovated the performing arts theater for the Springfield City School District in Ohio.

86. You call Omaze a “win-win.”

87. You choose to donate with us.

88. You tell us why you love our charity partners, and it makes us love them more.

89. You’re as into the idea of wine tasting with J-Law as we are.

91. The teen center at the Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club exists because of you.

92. You’re into MARVELous experiences.

93. You tell us what you’d do if you won.

94. You laugh at our jokes.

95. You support charities big and small.

96. You send us pictures of YOUR dogs.

97. You’ve helped raise millions of dollars.

98. You’re just the best.

99. You’re the reason we exist!

You can live the dream too!

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