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10 Totally Reasonable Uses for Deadpool’s Swords

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You want Deadpool’s dual katanas. But do you need Deadpool’s dual katanas?

Umm… heck yes, you do!

Use promo code KATANAS for 100 bonus entries at checkout. Enter here.  

Not only do these bad boys support LetsFCancer, they have tons of practical uses, too. We’ve carved out ten ideas for you here:

  1. Give yourself a bowl cut.

  1. Make onions cry when you chop them.

  1. Create a topiary squirrel in your backyard.

  1. Slice oranges for your kid’s soccer practice.

  1. Use them to air drum along to Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight.

  1. Hang them from your wall with some tasteful macrame.

  1. Grab yourself a Garfield-style slice of lasagna.

  1. Replace your trusty letter opener (you use a letter opener, right?).

  1. Cut the plastic six-pack rings from your cans and save a fish.

  1. Break the fourth wall… for that open concept kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Got your own ideas? Share them with us in the comments. And use promo code KATANAS for 100 bonus entries to make these epic swords yours.


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