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Winner Experience: Idris Elba

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Ready to swoon? Sandra R. and Diana S. were the two lucky ladies who each won their own Valentine’s date with Idris Elba. We’re guessing you’re like us and curious about every detail of the dates. Brace yourself—if you thought you loved Idris before, your heart may be about to burst.

A good view, good food and some good company—that’s what dream dates are made of for Sandra. Yam-pounding included.

Diana and Idris then enjoyed a wine night while painting the London skyline at PopUp Painting. We can’t put it better than Diana herself when she said it was “a wonderful evening with a wonderful man.”

“I wish I could have more time with you.” File that under things we wish Idris Elba said to us.

Both of these dates sound like goals to us. We’re so happy Sandra and Diana had an incredible time and thank YOU for supporting the inspiring work of W.E. Can Lead.

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